How to Feed Only the Good Bacteria and Prevent Gas From Inulin

Someone has been on Threelac for a couple of weeks and has had lots of gas and some constipation. Recently, she added Inulin, and it gave even more gas. But, she is wondering if it is a die-off symptom. She has read that there are many natural bacteria-killers. She wants to know if she can eat coconut oil, flax seed, aloe vera juice, noni juice, psyllium, olive oil, garlic, and onions. She has read that many of those are anti-bacterial. But, she wonders if that means that it kills all bacteria if they are antibacterial. She doesnt want to eat anything that kills the bacteria in Threelac.

She had a lot of gas and spaciness with the inulin. Electrodermal testing showed it made her candida worse and allowed bad bacteria to grow. It showed she could tolerate it if she took Flora Balance and lactoferrin at the same time. Both are effective against candida and some bad bacteria. She needs to know if it is better to feed the Threelac with inulin and feed candida a little or if she should stop the inulin.

Well, what is the point of using inulin that has sugar in it at all? Store-bought inulin contains 6% sugar and 2% FOS. That is all about what it is unless you get a sugar-free and FOS-free inulin. So, it will contribute somewhat to gas and candida. The trick is to go ahead and eat some natural bacteria killers, which will kill some of the good and bad, but feed only the good ones; eventually balance will be restored. If you are worried about it, skip the antibacterials and balance will still be restored eventually if you’re only feeding the good bacteria.

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