How Candida Die-Off From Proper Program Cured My Cravings

Candida die-off is when the yeast in your body is dying and you feel bad, in some the symptoms of the Candida get worse before it gets better. That is the Candida trying to fight back whilst you are destroying it. As it leaves your body, it may release toxins. You may experience abdominal upset and pain, lethargy, and headaches. I cannot overemphasize drinking as much water as you can tolerate to help you flush everything out. I always keep my water bottle near by, and my die-off (which still occurs now and then) is not so bad. I am going to tell you how I experienced my first die-off.

I used to crave carbs and I even also had an eating disorder (bulimia). Once I determined I had candida overgrowth and saw how terrible it was making me feel, I decided I could no longer treat my body with such disdain. I first began with the diet alone since I was pretty poor at the time. I experienced die-off right away (mostly abdominal cramping) and my cravings were terrible. However, I knew I had to be strong because I didnt want to slowly die from this disease. After my financial situation became better, I added Threelac, colloidal silver, Oil of Oregano, MSM, vitamin C, and other essential minerals. I have been on this tract for 5 months, and, to my amazement, the sugar cravings are gone and my bulimia is also cured.

So, please dont forget that if you stick with the program, you will notice positive changes. Remember, your health is your only tool to truly experience a happy life. Make it a priority! I will pray for your strength as well as your happiness during your journey back to health.

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