Hives From Toxic Load and Probable Leaky Gut

A friend had gastric by-pass 6 years ago, followed immediately by a very severe pneumonia with 23 days for IV antibiotics. She had health problems before that, but that was what pushed her over the edge. She now has terrible hives and multiple other symptoms. She also had her gall bladder removed about 8 years ago. She wants to know what I think about my adding the betaine HCL and glutamic acid to her diet and doing the liver cleanse. She really needs some direction as she is overwhelmed with the amount of information that she is getting here. She wants some point to help her in the right direction.

Glutamic acid and glutamine shouldn’t harm you unless you don’t clear glutamine well, then you will quickly experience side effects. It will help to repair the bowel. Betaine HCL increases stomach acidity and thus reduces reflux and increases digestion. Because you have no gallbladder, I think you should also taking on digestive enzymes with your food. You need not only one, but several liver cleanses in about two weeks apart. You also need liver support to help you detoxify, given as an antioxidant program (A, C, E,) with selenium and cold-processed whey. You can get carbohydrate-free cold-processed whey readily on the internet.

Your hives are most likely due to chronic toxin load and probably leaky gut, as I think her questions imply. They could also be due to an overactive immune response that has been triggered. Getting rid of the toxins takes awhile, but it is not so difficult, and if the hives don’t ‘un-trigger’ and go away, it will be because your body is not making intact receptor sites on the cells. If these are malformed all of the cellular functions including immune responses become unfocused and confused.

Ambrotose AO from Mannatech supplies a double dose of the raw material that is deficient when you have malformed receptors, and it also contains the strongest natural antioxidants in the business. It works on all immune dysfunction and also histaminic reactions. If you can afford it, find an ozone steam sauna and do some sessions to neutralize toxins and also help drive toxins out through the skin in addition to burdening the liver.

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