High Fat Foods Being in Our Diets for Eons

Since starting this candida infection treatment, my friend thinks the disease is coming from all of the sugar we eat. It is in everything! But, then again, she is convinced that 98% of this country has candida and that is why everyone is looking so tired (including herself a few months ago, which now she feels just stupid, still working on clearing that annoying brain fog). She has gotten into the bad habit of when she is in the checkout lane of the grocery store; she makes a mental note of all the sugar/pro candida food people are buying, a lot of “diet” food. Low fat yogurt is a joke for her. She thinks that what is in that “health food” section is such a scam and might as well just pour a bag of sugar in your mouth. She is buying stock in the sugar trade, America’s true drug of choice.

Those are good points she talks about. When you think about it, meat, cheese, and high fat foods have been in our diets for eons. But, only recently have refined carbohydrates become such a large part of what we eat. And along with it a corresponding rise in childhood obesity and so many other health problems that are now so prevalent in industrialized countries. Of course, old school mainstream medicine, being conservative and not particularly nutrition oriented, has pushed the idea that eating fat makes you fat. They have brainwashed us with this for years, but it is not that simple. And, finally they are starting to come around, or at least some of them.

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