Hiding Emotional Stress From Candida Overgrowth Condition

A friend has just discovered her 7 year old daughter has this candida overgrowth condition, which she now knows she has had most of her (young) life, assuming getting progressively worse and worse. Because she does such a good job to hid her pain and mental frustrations, most people thought she was just an over reactive mother when she would push to find a link to her behavioral and learning disability. Especially, it is because most of the behavioral problems only happen at home.

Literally at the moment, she sometimes walks through the door as if she is a puppet and someone cut her strings. Falls to the ground in perhaps pain, or behaviorally becomes a nightmare to deal with. However, she became obsessed with finding a link, and now believes this monster has to be the root of much of her problems. Her teacher, who is really working so closely with me, really buys into the concept of this physical condition creating discomfort. However because her daughter’s behavioral problems are only at home, it “proves” that it is a behavior she is in control of.

Here is her take. She has perfected over the years how to hide this disorder. Before 3 months ago, although she would often complain about physical pain no one acknowledged that there is anything wrong. Of course when her daughter would be having an attack including body pains, she would load her up with sugary for her “growing pains”. Oddly, lately, as things have been getting more unbearable at home, her teacher expresses she sees improvement at school. But, she thinks this improvement is at the expense of maxing out her little system and soul.

Starting yesterday, they are working to attack this beast within. Because you are adults and can articulate what it’s like, she just has to think there are those of you out there with parallel stories. Maybe some are excelling at work, and coming home crawling in bed. Putting on a facade that no one sees. There are fears of anxiety and depression, yet hiding emotional stress.

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