Having Garlic Product Without Having Bad Breath

Natural antifungals are not bad in my opinion because when you have an overgrowth of Candida, you need to kill it with a preferred natural antibiotic then replenish the good that the candida antifungals have killed with the bad, with the exception of garlic. It doesn’t seem to harm the good, but just the bad bacteria.

A friend of mine eats garlic and she loves garlic, but now she is purposely preparing foods with garlic or adding garlic to her portion. She cant stand the breath, though. However, she can’t eat sugar that she guesses she has to look for some sugarless breath mints. Actually, if you want a better breath with garlic, you can take Kyolic garlic. It is true that it probably is not as good as fresh garlic, but I find that it is still very effective. I have been using it for a number of years mainly because of the breath problem (“garlic breath” can be more severe in some people than others I have discovered!). So, if fresh breath is a concern, then I would certainly recommend Kyolic.

For what it’s worth, I have also used garlic extract from The Herb Pharm. I trust this company and their products are excellent. The garlic extract is strong! To avoid the garlic breath, I fill gelatin capsules with the extract, using the eyedropper that comes with it. That way the garlic bypasses my mouth and goes straight to my digestive system before the capsules dissolve. No garlic breath and it works against yeast. If I was not careful, I got major die-off symptoms from it.

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