Having Brown Rice in Anti Candida Diet

My friend was asking me about having brown rice in anti candida diet. Her symptoms are bloating, acne, irregular menstrual cycles, and difficulty losing weight. She is a very healthy eater with a healthy lifestyle. She is wondering if anyone has heard of the 7 Day Brown Rice Diet. It was recommended to her as a cleanser. She has done it once, and it was a good feeling being on the diet although she is not sure if it did what it was supposed to. She is doing it again for two weeks this time. She said that she has not eaten carbs for over a year at least. Her usual diet consists of 1-2 fruit a day plain yogurt, soy nuts, romaine lettuce, chicken and lots of steamed veggies. Her doctor recommended it as a cleanser. He has been directing her for the last 3 months. Most articles she has read do say brown rice is ok.

Starches turn into sugar in your blood. Brown rice, which is being a starch, isn’t good for people with candida. However, I guess there are many different opinions when it comes to Candida. I doubt there is only one right way. Brown rice is better than the usual rice, though. Some of my friends use it as their daily food. Anyway, for her saying that she has not eaten carbs for over a year; it is a misleading statement. She said she regularly eats soy nuts, fruit, veggies, brown rice. These all contain carbs, but sounds like she is on a restricted carb diet.

My best guess is different people with different levels of candida tolerate differing levels of carbs. Although brown rice may have more complex carbs, more minerals or not raise blood sugar as fast as white rice, it still has carbs. You may be at a point where you can totally tolerate this. Others may not.

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