Green Tea As Morning Hot Beverage Replacement

A friend of mine wants some suggestions for a replacement of hot beverage in the anti candida diet she is doing. She knows that decaffeinated coffee has some caffeine, but wonders if that little bit will make a difference. She wants to know how about teas, too.

Try natural green tea. Unlike many other beverages, it is “good” for you. Decaf coffee usually has nasty chemical residues from the decaffeination process and it still has the caffeine, so it is not good. The normal kind is ok because all of the health benefits greatly outweigh the small amount of caffeine in it. To help rid your body of free radicals floating around, you need to ingest foods which are antioxidants. I did a search on antioxidants and green tea.

I expected it to taste nasty, but it is not bad! I am not using any sweetener at all. I saw on the box that even the regular green tea only has 40% the caffeine of the drip black coffee I have been drinking daily for the last 20 years. I think my insides will be happy for the break! The body absorbs caffeine from green tea differently in a much less harmful manner than coffee and soda. Green tea is something that grows on you. I used to not like it at first but now I really like it. Just keep in mind that it is a diuretic (makes you pee more), so you will also need to compensate by drinking another glass of water.

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