Grape As One of the Worst Fruit for Candida Sufferer

Someone has GSE (grapefruit seed extract) that her family was taking before having candidiasis. It seemed to bring out the candida. She took it, too, and got thrush for the first time in her life. So, she stopped that. She got some Nilstat capsules and we took those for a week and that did nothing. Someone said that the capsules have milk in them, and that she should buy the powder (but the price difference is $93.00 to $3.75). She reads somewhere that smelling the Nilstat powder helps with nasal candida problems (what she has), so yesterday she opened up a capsule and let her smell it. She thinks she will do that once a day, too.

Someone told her that MSM helps, too. So, she has been filling an empty capsule with MSM powder and giving it to her 2-3 times a day. She only started this a few days ago. She keeps meaning to buy some caprylic acid (or just coconut oil) and gives herself that and maybe Olive Leaf Extract as well. She needs any other suggestions as she is pretty much willing to try anything. She will only swallow plastic capsules and no medicine of any sort. She puts all medicine in empty capsules.

Grapes are one of the worst fruit a candida sufferer can eat for your information. Not only because they are very sweet, there very sweet interior combined with often broken thin skin means fungus grows easily around and in the grape as well.. Coconut Oil and caprylic acid (extracted from coconuts), I find to be very helpful.

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