Gourmet Alternative to Virgin Olive Oil Product

Someone asked if I have tried mixing caprol (which she just bought) with bentonite and psyllium powder/husks for the candidiasis. It is supposed to be more effective than caprylic acid per serve, as in liquid form and in psyllium gel it tends to coat the gut and stay there rather than going straight to the liver. Caprylic acid was effective for her, more so than drugs, but after a year it started to bother her liver. She hasnt taken it in years and is going to try the above.

Coconut oil should be effective and it will not bother our liver. It contains a lot of lauric acid and some caprylic and capric acid. Lauric acid is effective in much lower doses than caprylic or capric. There is a virgin olive oil product with lots of good articles posted on it, which called Tropical Traditions.

It is a good product, but certainly not the best. The tropical tradition method involves fermenting and skimming, and then uses heat to drive off the moisture. The more modern traditional method is an expeller-pressed product from grated coconut that is force dried on big griddles before being pressed. Both of those products then involve heat.

The gourmet alternative is wet-milling and expeller pressing, then chilling the wet product to solidify the oil and centrifuging out the water. This requires no additional heat. All steps are done in an absolutely sanitary, controlled environment. The method and the equipment are patented in Canada; the company that invented the method and two of their coconut oil products are represented on my website. The cheaper oil is expeller pressed like the rest of the field. It is very competitive.

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