Giving Up Coffee in Your Anti Yeast Diet

My friend feels so weak today that she has not had any carbs and no yeast producing foods that she is aware of in her anti yeast diet. She knows that everything has some hidden carbs and yeast growing foods, but now she feels dying for something sweet. She is very tired and maybe the tiredness is manifesting itself and telling her to feed and boost her sugar, etc, but she wont give in. She wonders what she can do in the meantime. She is going to get some cream and put in coffee as maybe that will help or ill make some sugar free jello. She said that she could do without the splenda, the whipped cream, etc, but she cant live without her coffee.

Coffee and splenda would feed the candida. You are going through carb withdrawal and some candida die-off. Eat some healthy fats and protein. Actually, the coffee does not feed the candida, but it rather destroys the flora of the intestines, which is especially not good for candidiasis sufferers.

I know what you mean if you say you cant give up coffee. It took quite a while for me as well to give up the coffee and I still miss it. I got down to once a week and it was like a fix that had to tide me over to the next weekend. Finally, I was having so many Candidiasis symptoms and sick so much that I got to that point where I let go of it as the temporary taste pleasure was just not as important as my health. At some people, it does not affect as much as others. Try it without the additives and see how you feel. You can also not be so strict with your carbs, but make sure those that you are eating are healthy carbs, not sugar and refined flour products.

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