Getting Rid of Some Toxins With 40 Day Water Fast

My friend went for forty days on just water. It may sound nuts to some, but she, at the time, believed that it would be an almost instant cure to anything, including the yeast overgrowth. She still believes in the process for many other conditions with the exception of what she has. The fast did nothing more than bring her symptoms to the surface and make them worse than ever. But, she believes that without the fast she may still be skipping from doctor to doctor and getting absolutely nowhere. Since my return from the fast I have been following a very strict low carbohydrate diet with plenty of green vegetables and maybe two apples a day at the most.

I am sure the 40 day fast did help her getting rid of some of the toxins in your body. I agree with her on that skipping from doctor to doctor if it hadn’t been for the internet and the fact that you have to wait over 5-6 months to see a “specialist”. I would still be in that boat, too! It sounds like she is eating really well. Usually, the candida suffers also have many other problems because their systems are so out of whack. I had problems with passing out, severe cramps with really long irregular periods, frequent headaches, vulvar pain (intercourse, paper cut like tears along the vulva, swelling, itching), feeling cold all the time, problems with my nose and ears, dry skin, IBS (constipation/diarrhea. I thought 1 stool a week was normal), reoccurring yeast infections, I was always tired and I can’t for the life of me gain weight!

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