Getting Rid of Itching With Apple Cider Vinegar

Someone was asking me about how to treat the extreme itching from candida symptoms. She has just started on the diet and she has cut the caffeine almost to nothing (1 scoop regular to 3 scoops decaf), but she found that is harder to give up than the vodka was.

I have experienced itching on the rear end and it is enough to drive you nuts at times. It flares up (usually while asleep and I don’t realize when I scratch it), but it is a good barometer when I have misbehaved. Try raw Apple cider vinegar (Braggs) on a cotton ball or gauze pad, dab gently. It will burn and you will want to go through the roof for about 2-3 minutes, but after it dries, there will be no itching or pain. Keep the area dry as you can otherwise, dust with some cornstarch or powder keep a gauze pad there. I can also suggest that I read olive leaf extract mixed with aloe vera gel makes an ointment for this type of rash or itch as well, although I have not tried it since I am happy with the vinegar.

I also read once that Selsun blue dandruff shampoo will quell the itching (I suppose other brands would work as well) skin folds where moisture can collect are notorious locations of candida/rash (it is embarrassing like diaper rash!). For the coffee, I ordered some roasted chicory to use as a coffee substitute. It is also better if you are trying to increase natural forms of inulin (prebiotics) as well as the rest of the regimen.

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