Getting Rid of Candida Rash and Its Cause

My friend has her doctor took a scraping of a skin rash and sent it to be analyzed, and it came back from the lab saying yeast was present. It is clear now that that is the candida rash she has. The doctor gave her a sample cream to use and said that if did not clear it up, she has to call back and get something different prescribed. Then, she thought she would ask for my opinions as to what I found worked for me. That way, she would have suggestions on what works for her doctor when she calls him.

She has tried many OTC ointments that didn’t help at all. The sample my doctor gave her to try a couple weeks ago was Loprox (ciclopirox olamine) and it hasn’t helped at all. She would love suggestions of what worked for me. Also, she doesnt understand what could cause yeast to show up in a skin test. The rash has been there (sometimes not quite as obvious) for probably a couple of years. Because it appeared so much more pronounced lately, she decided to have the doctor check it out, but he really didn’t seem to have much to say about it.

Being on the Candida diet for several months had my rash clearing up as long. I will get flare ups when I go back to eating a lot of carbs. What my herbalist told me was that it was a fungus and by being on the Candida diet, this will stare it and clear it up. I have been to doctors and used creams and nothing else helped but the diet (I also supplement with herbs).

The analogy that comes to me is this: to put skin ointment on a systemic problem is like painting the rust spots on the side of the Titanic. You are heading in the wrong direction until you start addressing the systemic issues. Karen Tripp’s story is something that everyone should read.

Cure candida project website is a great resource for people who want a complete and natural cure for their candidiasis. They provide honest support to get you reach the dream you always wanted, a healthy life. You may also enjoy reading through the get rid of candida blog which can be found at Candida Home Treatment website.

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