Getting Candida Overgrowth Under Control Without Knowledge At First

Someone would share her story of candida overgrowth with all of you. It started when she was about 18 years old and progressed over the years. Now, turning 32 years old she has come a long way from where she started. She used to have every sickness you could ever imagine of getting. Colds and flu were real easy for her to contract because of her low immune system. She never could understand why she felt so bad when the Doctor’s would tell her she was ok. She knew something was wrong, but never had a clue as to what.

Her body ached, she was badly fatigued, depressed, had a few cases of rash that would breakout on different areas of body from her arms to her legs. She felt just plain awful. She went into the Doctor and he would give her a different antibiotic each time and not known at the time that can be a big cause of candida. She used to crave sweets real bad. Everything was going down hill for her and she was ready to give up completely until one day her mom found a book in the library called “My Doctor Says Im Fine: So Why Do I Feel So Bad?”. That was her miracle moment.

She found a Doctor in Denver Colorado. He took the sample of her blood and when she results came back it says she had a major, major high level of candida in her body. He put her on Nystatin and a no-yeast diet. It was so hard for her at first to be without all the things she was used to and wanted so badly. She baked bread that had no yeast and was made with club soda, toast it and it tastes pretty good. She had to drink diet soda and that was tough because she was used to the regular soda pop. She did it and is living proof that you can get candida under control with the proper help and diet. She feels better than she has ever felt. It is like being born a new person after being so sick for so long with candida. If you would have seen her and then compared to her now, you would notice a difference.

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