Get the Candida Condition Under Control Even If There Is No Cure

This woman I know has been battling Candida overgrowth for 14 years. It took her a long time to realize that it wasn’t going to go away on its own and that there is no cure or magic bullet (and we are all so used to going to the doctor for any ailment and being given a pill). She would say that having Candida is like having, say Diabetes, or a number of other conditions where you have to watch your diet. A number of times she has gotten tired of being sick and has gone on a healthy food regimen and taken probiotics, etc., and her health has improved immeasurably. But, eventually she would go back to her old eating patterns and in time, she was feeling terrible again.

So, I guess what I am saying is that while we don’t think there is a “cure”, you can certainly get this condition under control and keep it that way. However, it requires eliminating some things from your diet. On the positive side is, once you have eliminated sugar and white flour, etc, from your diet, after a time you don’t get the food cravings and it becomes easier.

In any case, after 14 years of a really disrupted life, she has decided that the food sacrifices are worth it because if you aren’t feeling well, everything loses its lustre. Don’t be discouraged just because you can’t find an MD to help you. You can help yourself. There is a lot of very valuable information on this site.

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