Get Rid of Nightly Intolerable Pain From Candidiasis

A friend is pretty sure she suffers from Candidiasis, but her doctor has not actually diagnosed her. She prescribed for her a medicine called Diflucan. It has done nothing to help the intolerable pain she suffers nightly when her condition flares up to the point that she has to take a sleeping pill and go to bed to relieve the fiery pain. She reads so many different things about Threelac and enzymes and psyllium/bentonite, but everything is outrageously expensive. She wonders if any of this stuff is covered by standard medical insurance. She feels she just can’t afford these treatments, but she can’t afford to continue this way which is a disruption to her every waking moment, especially in the evenings.

Just before going to bed, take a big swig of a liquid probiotic (continental brand) that helps calm the stomach down to be able to sleep. Or try to eat a low sugar yogurt just before going to bed. Have you tried taking an antihistamine instead of a pain killer? I know that I used to suffer terribly from itching (hives without the red welt) and an antihistamine designed for hives did the trick.

You can get Probiotics at a lot of places, health food stores, GNC, etc. I can recommend the GNC brand, which is called ProBiotic. They have dosages from 30 mg up to the ProBiotic, which is 1,200 mg. They have some other stuff, too. It might be a good place to start. And it is more affordable than the health food stores.

As for the Diflucan, I had been on it for a few years and it just covers up the symptoms. As soon as you go off it, everything comes back. Most traditional doctors will prescribe it, while newer, alternative practitioners won’t. The candida builds up immunity to the Diflucan, Nizoral, Nystatin, etc.

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