Get Gassy Or Bloated As a Sign of Good Candida Probiotics

My friend was going to try the Feed n Seed and Yeast Avenger, but she said she simply can’t afford it if she needs many other anti candida probiotics or products. That is one other reason why she is going the Threelac route. Expensive as it is, she believes it is still one of the more cost effective things to use. She works part-time, and she doesnt have any health, prescription, or dental plans. To say things are bleak would be an understatement! She has systemic candidiasis, and has traced it back to when she was 2 and hospitalized for a rare medical condition. She is 42 now, so it has been a lifetime of antibiotics on and off. She is trying to get herself to at least a functioning level.

Threelac is a very expensive probiotic, and you can’t rid yourself of Candidiasis with probiotics alone. You need to do a process of killing then replenishing, because the killer can kill the good bacteria, too, with the exemption of garlic. To test if you have a good product, you should be able to take a high dose and get gassy or bloated. This shows that the probiotic is doing its job, reacting to the yeast.

If you want to get rid of the gassy symptom then, you really need a good yeast killer first, and then start on probiotics and prebiotics. If your bloated gassy most of the time then you are eating something that is fermenting in your gut, for me it was dairy products, it took a while for me to figure this out, but once I did the bloating went way down. The high amount of probiotics will cause bloating so you cut back on the amount until your body is able to handle the amount that is recommended.

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