Garlic to Move Your Yeast Infection Treatment

In November last year, one of my friends began colonics and fiber program to get her yeast infection treatment “moving”. Her hydrotherapist mentioned nothing of the importance of replacing the good bacteria that they were washing away in the colonics. After a couple months, she began to have itchy ears and an itchy anus. Although she was feeling more energetic and lighter due to her elimination becoming more regular, she was starting to have different “weird” things going on, such as itchy scalp, etc.

She learned more about candida and has tried to do the strict diet as she is sure this is probably the root cause of all her symptoms. She did the diet for 3 weeks and then did a liver flush. Then, she couldn’t wait to eat some meat as she had been doing strictly veggies. Of course, meat (chicken basically) moved into eating some carbs and trying to get back to normal.

Now, she has a vaginal yeast infection like hell! She has only had a yeast infection once in her life and it was nothing like this with all the burning and itching. She has taken the vaginal yeast medicine prescribed by Planned Parenthood for 7 days that didn’t work, so she quickly added the Monistat 3 day treatment in order to hopefully beat the infection. Still, there is no such luck!

Well, when this happens to me, I start upping the garlic. Over the counter creams for vaginitis never work with me, but garlic capsules (or raw garlic) can help immensely. In the meantime, to soothe the area, try yoghurt applied topically or anything else that might soothe. Ask for a healing cream at your local health food store.

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