Garlic Capsules Orally Bring Relieve to Bacterial Vaginitis

Regarding natural medicine that can cure bacterial vaginitis, I surely can’t recommend garlic enough to all of you people. I have suffered from vaginitis for years because of taking lots of antibiotics. I can’t say that garlic has “cured” the problem because I will always have to watch the sugar intake. It is absolutely important to prevent it from being uncomfortable. However, when my vaginitis becomes extremely uncomfortable and/or painful, a few garlic capsules bring things down to acceptable levels within hours for me at any rate. I know one man’s cure is another man’s poison sometimes. But, maybe it could help you.

If you ask me if I take the garlic pills by mouth or insert them in the vagina, I take the pills orally. I have heard people of doing both, but I take it orally; two in the morning, two at bedtime. I am not sure I would be too keen to use raw garlic in the vaginal area. I would think soothing yoghurt would be more appropriate. But again, I must emphasize that you also have to watch the sugar/white flour intake.

There are also some more things to take or use. For another natural tip, you can use vinegar wash, 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water into spray bottle. Every time after toilet use, I will clean my private parts with this solution. It keeps the itching and also unwanted yeast away. It can be used on children and adults. It definitely doesn’t burn, unless one has burst skin.

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