Gaining Weight On Atkins Diet

My friend has been on Atkins on and off for three years after finally notices some improvements with her weight. She goes off and binge. She blamed that on the fact that for 3 years she has not lost weight, now she is reading (in the Atkins book) that yeast can also block your weight losing ability. She thinks that makes another excuse and she wont accept it. Now, for the last week she has expanded Atkins to also not include yeast producing products such as vinegar, bacon, smoked, cold cuts. Some times she forgets and had smoked pork tenderloin yesterday at work. She is going to a medical doctor tomorrow and sad to say she doesnt have high expectations. But, her insurance wont cover holistic nor nutrition doctors.

She just discovered candida albicans even existed about 2 weeks ago and she fits all the symptoms or they fit her. Looking back, some of her problems seem to get worse after she has binged on a carbohydrate diet. So, anyway, she has to stick to this commitment as best as she can and see if and when she starts seeing results. After a visit to her second doctor, she is being told there is no sign of yeast in stool. For the 3 years she has been on and off the Atkins, it is resulting in her gaining 20 lbs. She usually eats roast beef and takes acidophilus and vitamin b that she is told it is for the burning tongue.

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