Gaining More Weight in Diet By Snacking On Nuts

This person has been on the sugar free anti candida diet for over a month now and she is losing weight (around a stone) which is concerning her as she only weighed 12 stone before and she is a tall thin lad. She really wants some suggestions of food she can eat to start putting the weight back on. She already eats a lot of chicken, but it is still no use. Also, she doesnt drink coffee but was thinking of drinking decaffeinated coffee. She wonders if this is acceptable, also the use of those artificial sweeteners in drinks.

I was told no coffee, no tea, and no soda I just drink water if I were to have juice. I had to squeeze it and drink it no letting it grow. Decaffeinated still has caffeine in it. It is better to not ingest any caffeine at all. However, one acceptable caffeine is green tea because of its anti-oxidant properties. Also, you shouldn’t eat sugar or sweeteners, including honey or maple syrup or anything that had any form of sweetener n it even the artificial one. But, if you want to have some kind of sugar, natural ones are ok as they have nutritional value. I normally use honey or maple syrup before the diet, but now I only use a little stevia.

For some eating recommendation to gain more weight, I recommend snacking on nuts, lots of them, but no peanuts or cashews. Almonds and walnuts are good for us. Eat nut butters and eggs and also dairy. Start eating yogurt and “good” oils. They are all good for you and all are loaded with calories.

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