Foods and Supplements for Sugar Cravings Stop

This friend of mine knows that the one of most important aspects of defeating candida overgrowth is limiting carbohydrate intake. But, she finds it so hard to get her sugar cravings stop. She knows it has become an addiction for her. Even after eating a big vegetables/protein meal, she still has an incredible urge to eat carbs. And usually, she gives in as it is really an addiction. She wonders if I experience the same things as she does and if there are any supplements or techniques out there that can stop this problem. She recalls when she was first on the Atkins, her cravings for sweets lasted about a week. If she cheated once, it was like starting over. So, it was easier not to after a few falls. She doesnt know why starting it again is so hard.

Well, you can take Gymnestra for those cravings. That seemed to help me. Also, eat lots of almonds! It took at least a week for the cravings to start subsiding. They actually got way worse before they got better. That is the most important time to hang in there. Like I have said before, the yeast gets really pissed when you cut off their dope! I got mine at the local health food store. The brand is Nature’s Herb and is called Gymnesyl. It is Ayurvedic Gymnema Sylvestre. I had never heard of it before until the guy at the store mention it. It is a battle between you and the yeast. The yeast is like a toddler on a tantrum that kicking, screaming, crying, and angry. There is just no reasoning with them at that point and if you give in it only gets worse! You need to ride it out. When I did not know about Gymnestra, I put more healthy fats in my diet and nuts.

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  • Marilia

    Hi there im a sweet addict and i really want to stop eating sweets. Is there a supliment or something to take away the craving for sweets??

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