Food Sensitivity Testing With Food Intake Example

My friend said that she is definitely not 100% cured from yeast overgrowth, but she is doing much better. She is not in constant throbbing and itching pain anymore and she has done a liver and kidney cleanse/detox. She also did the food sensitivity testing (removed: red meat, eggs, wheat, dairy, oranges/grapefruit, caffeine, sugar, peanuts, and corn). I will tell you more about her food intake.

As example, when she first met with her doctor, she had her stop dairy all together for about 1 month. Then, on the day 1 she drinks a lot of milk with each meal (5-6 glasses). At the day 2 and day 4 she has none, when on the day 3 she eats a lot of cheese with each meal (minimum 2 slices per meal). This way, she believes you can determine how you feel after you eat that kind of food. It took a really long time to do the test because she had problems with caffeine, dairy, and corn! And each time, she would get sick all over again and has to get better before testing anything again.

Because she also has irritable bowel, she started with apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon) before each meal to help digest. But, it wasn’t enough because there was mucous and pieces of food in her stool. So, she started taking hydrochloric acid pills (started with 7 and worked her way down over 1 1/2 months down to 1). I guess you could say that she had the opposite of acid reflux.

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