Food Allergies, Reactions, and the Allergy Test

A friend is confused on her food allergies for candida diet. She eats eggs and a little tuna fish now; she has never eaten red meat in her life and doesn’t intend to. Nuts and eggs are her main protein source and she can’t fathom cutting out anymore items from her diet. So, she needs any information on this. She is getting an allergy test in a couple of weeks to see if she is allergic to them, but she would like to know if she shouldn’t be eating them in the first place.

My information from my doctor says walnuts, pecans, almonds, etc are fine as are eggs and tuna. If the allergy test you are getting is the standard “prick your arm 50 times” allergy test, it will probably show up as negative results. Those tests usually only find 2% of allergies and they are normally the ones with severe reactions and don’t detect “sensitivities”. I was very disappointed with my allergy testing. I had the “prick” test which indicated no food allergies, but the typical weed allergies.

I know I am allergic to red food coloring and a slight wheat allergy. I could feel some of the shots itching while waiting for the 5 minute check, but the nurse said they all look fine, and of course she could not see onto my back to point out which shot itched. :( I knew I had food allergies. My nose would begin to “buzz” unbearably about one day after eating something with red food coloring in it. I just wanted to scratch it off my face. My nose would run like a faucet for several days.

My allergist told me that it was not possible for me to have a reaction 24 hours after eating a certain food; a reaction had to happen right away. We were both stumped. I later researched and learned about leaky gut syndrome, which causes delayed reactions. Obviously my allergist was uneducated about this. What a waste of time and money.

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