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Floating Stool for a Healthy Person

When you are treating yeast infection, besides taking the supplements, you have to pay close attention to the candida stool. I remind you that it should not be floating, really dark in color, or have mucous coating it.

My friend whom I told about it said it is hard to say if it is dark in color. She eats a lot of spinach and also takes Chlorella, which produces dark stool. She thought that mucous means a lot of toxins are eliminating from the body. And somewhere she reads that when the stool is floating, a lot of cholesterol is eliminated. She thinks this is a weird subject to discuss, but she believes it is important.

I am not too sure about the floating aspect, but from what I have read, floating stool means that there is a lot of air in it. When I said dark in color, I meant really dark like a sheep stool and hard or compact. Your stool also shouldn’t really be falling apart. It should be well formed with no big visible food pieces. I don’t think mucous coating the stool is good because right away my naturopath gave me the glutamine powder to get rid of it.

However, here is the conflicting issue again. According to the experts, the stool of a healthy person should indeed float. That would be a sign there is enough fiber residue in it; cellulose is very light compared to water. Low residue foods that cause the stool to sink may contribute to constipation and colon cancer. But, if a person ate a lot of oil, the stool could float then, I suppose.

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