Finding the Best Way of Eating for Yourself

Dr. Atkins recommended 2 weeks to allow your body to get rid of the toxins and the cravings, while some may take a bit longer or less to detox. During that time, many will experience withdrawal symptoms as carbs are addictive, especially to Candidiasis sufferers. When you work through the various phases you add back in healthy, wholesome carbs depending on what your body will tolerate. Whether someone can eat 50 or 250 carbs per day, staying healthy and maintaining their weight is totally up to their body and their lifestyle.

Maybe Atkins is 98% right for you, or there is some other way of eating. That part doesn’t matter. What is most important and does matter is that you learn fully about the eating plan of your choice and adjust the plan to fit your body’s needs and your lifestyle. If it is not working after giving it a fair shot, try something else then. The other side of this is to learn about your body and what it is telling you by the symptoms it is displaying. It is not that “this diet works” so much as a person needs to be responsible for their health by fully researching a plan, learning about their bodies, what medical issues they are having and make an informed choice that is best for their health and lifestyle. Yes, it works.

There is trial and error involved and no two bodies (even the ones with the same disorder) will react exactly the same. As we know with Candidiasis, some people have more severe symptoms than others. Some can eat certain foods where others can not. Take the time to learn about your body and make good choices. Listen to everyone and then listen to your body. No one knows your body better than you do.

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