Finding Out Your Metabolic Type to Manage the Low Carb Diet

Something a friend has found recently when she does Atkins or any anti candida diet where she totally gives up carbohydrates on about the 5-7th day of no carbs, she got extreme carb or sugar craving like an alcoholic with a drink. But, once she succumbs to that craving then she cannot stop all day. What she eats, she believes would make her sick and ashamed, yet she has seen herself does it over and over again.

That is tough and I had the same problem at times. Usually, it was when I am under stress. Food allergies could also cause cravings. I substitute other “goodies” when I have an overwhelming craving. There are some sugar-free, low carb nutrition bars that aren’t bad (watch out for malitol and other alcohol sugars in these). Many of them have glycerin in them to make them taste good. Biochem makes some that are ok. Le Carb is a low cal, sugar free ice cream. If you crave chocolate, unsweetened carob chips might do the trick. They do have carbs but it is better than breaking out a Snicker’s bar!

I highly recommend you find out your metabolic type. Some people just can’t function on a very low carb diet, while some people flourish on a low carb diet, and then there is a mixed type who needs a happy medium. Dr. Wolcott is the author of the book on it. Finally, you need to figure out if you have any food allergies that can trigger your cravings. I use to have really uncontrollable ones also. But, after 3 days of low carb I lose all cravings and lose my appetite.

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