Finding Out the Amalgams Toxicity for Your Health

I would recommend Amalgam Illness by Andrew Cutler if you are looking for reading on amalgams toxicity and the diseases caused by it. He has a lot of credentials and he also went through it himself. Also, check out some of the terms like dental cleanse and see what so many others have found out. Do not have any amalgams worked on until you fully research the protocol that needs to be followed.

A friend who just found out about it is on the Atkins candida diet now and basically she eats high protein, lots of veggies, and stay away from processed foods, sugars, mushrooms, and vinegar. She tried totally eliminating the bread, but she began to lose weight and she is already at the low end of the normal range. She has a lot of anxiety, panic and chest pains and just this week she reads about the magnesium connection and started taking Epsom Salt baths. This has been the first week that she hasn’t had chest pain in years!

Anyway, I highly recommend “Atkins for Life” book that seems good to be the diet in her situation, which has meal plans, recipes, and lots of good food related info. There is also “Dr. Atkins Age- Defying Diet”, in which he relates many health issues to diet and “Dr. Atkins Vita-Nutrient Solution: Nature’s Answer to Drugs”, which this last book writes a very detailed description of the vitamins and minerals and how they affect our health. I have all three and they are so worn!

Find out how to efficiently improve your health and kill your candida completely by following the information provided at including information on how to take care of yourself during die off or other reaction, the truth about candida diet food list, what is actually going on during recovery process, and techniques to remain positive throughout the entire process. Don't lose your life by not visiting the site!!!

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