Finding Good Allergist That Knows About Your Sensitivity

My friend is afraid if her allergist would deny such a thing exists if she mentions to them the aspect of food sensitivities. Going the traditional route 6 months ago she had her daughter pricked. Learned nothing new, she should off the charts for pollen but nothing for food. And the reason she was there was in attempt to find some link to her behavioral issues. Now, she is finding out she has a yeast overgrowth and next week will get tests back from Great Plains to determine what food sensitivities which she knows there are some. She thinks she is just wondering if they completely close their eyes to all of this.

I think if you find a good allergist, then they do know more about the food allergies, even when doing the pollen/mold/dust testing. I asked my previous allergist why I coughed after eating apples and grapes. I was pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but he didn’t. He explained that it was the skin of the fruits that I was allergic to. I would never hear of this before talking to him, and this was about 6 years ago! He suggested peeling apples before eating, and not to eat grapes which I love.

You might need another allergist. It was my allergist who alerted me to my yeast problem. I also do not have any allergies to food, according to the tests, but I do have pretty bad reactions due to intolerances to wheat, dairy, rice, and most other starch or sugary- food. Briefly, she explained that due to high environmental allergies (I’m off the chart as well) and a couple other factors (had a couple bad cases of food poisoning, was on the pill for years) that my body was “filled to capacity” with the amount of allergies and weak from the imbalances from other factors. This lowers the immune system and can make your body weak from defending itself constantly.

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