Final Words On Nuts Type in Candida Diet

Someone wants to know what the final word on nuts in candida diet is. In The Yeast Connection, some are okay (except peanuts, walnuts, pistachios). In The Yeast Syndrome, all are off limits. Everywhere else she reads seems to have conflicting opinions.

Well, I am not sure about the final word, but my doctor told me no peanuts as they have aflatoxins which are bad. Personally, I would avoid peanuts and pistachio, but walnuts are a good oil nut (relatively hi in Omega 3). For all other hard seed nuts including walnuts, I try to soak them in good water at least 8 hours before use to soften and initiate germination phase, then incorporate them in my Vita-Mix blender, usually with a small amount of unprocessed starch (legume of vegetables, sometimes less frequently small amount grain instead) and large amount of non Starchy unprocessed raw or steamed vegetables. Finely blended/powdered nuts and soaked beforehand makes them more digestible. For me, almond, cashew, macadamia, Brazil nut, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, sesame Pumpkin, Sunflower seem ok.

If you read the yeast or allergy books, though, pistachio is one of the most quoted nuts (that I have seen anyway) to avoid due to mold/yeast, but I havent eaten enough of them to test this opinion. Peanuts can harbor a potent liver toxin (aflatoxin), thus for people with immune compromised systems, it makes sense to avoid. Peanuts are also considered goitrogenic (like Soybeans which they are closely related, too). It means basically they have an inhibitory or negative effect on the thyroid gland. That is another reason to avoid this legume. Bottom line, as with all foods, is testing it for yourself if it seems ok.

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