Figure Out Best Oils to Use for Candida Cooking

My friend said that she will need to read a bit more about oils to figure out which ones to use for candida cooking. She still uses the olive oil and flax oil for food that is already been cooked, but she is going to have to find something new to fry with. She was told that people with dairy allergies rarely have reactions to butter.

I suggest you reading a document called “The Oiling of America” by the top oils researcher, Mary Enig. This is written so laypersons can understand it, and it is full of references. If you prefer something more scientific but still easy to read, try “Know Your Fats” by the same author. There is also a chart of some common food oils that shows just how much free radical production there is in these oils. Long-lived mammals raised on saturated fats live longer than those raised on unsaturated oils. Supplementing with products that contain omega-6 is counterproductive. We get too much omega-6 in our food already.

Allergies to dairy are usually to casein, and sensitivities to lactose. Both are in milk products, except butter and to a lesser extent, whey. That is why people don’t usually react to butter or whey.

If polyunsaturated oils (like in plant seed oils) are exposed to oxygen, they oxidize and become hardened. They are used in paints because they dry hard, such as linseed oil. Oxidation makes then become hard and I am thinking about how that might not be good in the body. There is a lot of free oxygen in the body from respiration, so these oils likely would suffer from oxidation in the body. Some people say these types of oils are toxic to the body. They make good arguments for that point. They say polyunsaturated oils are a major cause of cancer and heart disease and of the other diseases of “modern” society.

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