Feeling Dizzy and Tired As Some of Candida Symptoms

The candida symptoms in one of my friends all started about 4 years ago when she got strep throat. She was administered antibiotics and it came back, but she was given more. Her nose became congested and she could hardly get out of bed, while her sore throat was gone. She was given yet more antibiotics. Her nose remained congested, her energy levels low, she could no longer exercise and still cannot without triggering a bunch of hellish symptoms. Now, she generally feels good until even the mildest workout.

Then, the following happens: within an hour or two she feels very dizzy, lightheaded, tired, foggy, mentally impaired, her nose gets congested, her rectum starts itching like crazy, and she eventually passes out early that night feeling awful and unquenchably thirsty, breathing heavy and my heart pounding shallow and fast. When she wakes up, she usually feels worse, brain dead, dizzy, often with phlegm in her throat, absolutely no energy, depression, both physical and mental. These feelings persist throughout the day, occasionally into the next.

She wonders if this sounds like Candida. She should also mention that as a teenager, she took antibiotics for years to manage acne. Of course, she has heard the old “I think it’s all in your head” speech more than once. She wants to know if I can relate to this story to candida.

I had many of the same symptoms, like getting dizzy after I workout and wake up dizzy. It seemed for me when I keep my stomach full the dizziness goes away, must be some type of leaky gut thing here. Also after a workout it takes a long time for my heart to calm down, but the rest of me is still running on high for a long time and affects my sleep for a day or two. This has come up since I have intestinal candida which developed about a year ago. It is all about managing it each day, some days are worse but it never really ever goes away.

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