Experimenting New Things On Anti Candida Diet Foods

Do you like cheesecake? After 6 weeks of nothing but veggies and more veggies, a friend of mine was dying for something decadent in her anti candida diet. She strained the moisture from some kefir and mixes some of this with a little vanilla and a pinch of Stevia. If you close your eyes and take a spoonful, it tastes exactly like Sarah Lee snack cakes without the graham cracker crust! She also makes applesauce out of a peeled and chopped Granny Smith apple and put a daub of the above on the applesauce. Sprinkle it with cinnamon; it tastes yummy.

When you have been on the anti-Candida regimen for awhile, anything new eating-wise is considered as a real treat. Another thing she did is roasting an assortment of vegetables in the oven. It is surprising how sweet some of them turn out, especially the carrots and turnips. Even Brussels appeal this way.

Regarding what she eats on a typical day, she has terrible eating habits in that she seems to be always “grazing”. So, she makes sure she always has some raw vegetables (crudites if you will) in the fridge. She also has raw almonds in the freezer for snacking. For breakfast, she usually makes enough fresh carrot/celery/parsley juice (a liver cleanse) for a glass for breakfast and one later. And of course there is the usual salads and chicken. And if she really craves the evil old carbs, she will make a few cookies out of ground almonds, quinoa, stevia, etc. It is fun to experiment. Look up your favorite cookie recipe and substitute what you can’t have with what you can. Hope this gave you an idea or two.

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