Exacerbated Candida Symptoms From Digestive Problems

Someone thinks that she has been suffering with candida for over seven years now. She has tried different approaches which seem to have only exacerbated her symptoms. She thinks that the candida was the only thing to survive the water fasting she was doing. Well, being that the fast exposed the underlying cause of her problems, she is ready to meet the challenge head on. These are her symptoms, which she thinks are some of the classic ones: really bad concentration, brain fog, poor memory, anxiety, pulsing throughout my body, irritability, fatigue, etc. Her cravings for sweets has subsided some and she hasn’t had any jock itch or other skin type problems.

She went to allergist, nose/ear doctor, gynecologist, etc. All of them thought she was crazy and said nothing was wrong! It wasn’t until only a few months ago, when she realized that she was trying to tackle each problem one at a time. She didn’t know that there was a core problem causing all of these things. Her main problem was with her digestive system: leaky gut syndrome. If you look that up on a search engine, you will find that many of your symptoms match with LGS. So yes, I think it is true with most candida suffers (including me).

Sometimes, water fast which means you didn’t eat anything at all is crazy and really unhealthy! I am quite sure when you have other digestive problems, your body harbors the yeast to try and balance itself out. To get rid of the yeast, you have to help your body heal its other problems. I think that the theory on her body harboring the yeast seems pretty accurate to her situation.

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