Establishing Culture Easier Using Bifidobacteria

Someone needs my comment on some candida herbs she takes for fighting the yeast. As a support remedy, she takes lactobacillus sporogenes, a very hardy strain of lactic acid bacteria, many times more reliable than acidophilus, capable of surviving the human stomach environment (most other strains are considerably reduced in viability upon entering the stomach due to the potential of severe pH fluctuations). Unlike most other strains, it does not require refrigeration, making it much more convenient for use outside of the home and for travel.

Well, I can’t comment on much of anyones primary remedy. Although I am familiar with them, who knows how they will function together and one can only guess at the biological load they will together impose on the liver for example. There are a lot of herbs with the primary and support remedy so far and that would tell me to be cautious. Herbs are much like drugs.

Your strongest bowel player is actually bifidobacteria, not lactobacilli, with the latter about a third as potent as a control for bad bacteria as the former. Also, it is easier to establish a culture using bifidobacteria, as it uses for feed the long chain sugar (inulin) that other bacteria can’t use and even lactobacilli has trouble utilizing. So, the question is how do you plan to establish a bowel culture when the very prebiotics that lactobacilli use best are also used by a range of other bacteria? The goal is to get the probiotic to stick to the bowel lining, and for that you must feed it and encourage the population. I would add prebiotic and bifidobacteria in it.

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