Effects of Candida Die-Off Getting the Symptoms Worsened

Someone wants me to tell her the effects of candida die-off from the treatment. She is strict on this diet and herbal routine and she is no better but terribly depressed. She wants to know if there is any connection. She has only been on this diet a bit over a week so far and yes, she feels like crap. But, she doesnt know about any food sensitivities she is going to have on this diet and herbal routine she was doing for a month.

Then, she goes a week on diet without supplements and then sees kinesiologist again. If at that time she finds that she is rid of yeast, she is hoping to be able to add coffee back into her diet and see if she can tolerate that. She is not only missing the taste of coffee, but she misses all that it stood for. It gave her solitude in the morning and provided a social setting for her, and in a small way, it took the place of alcohol (she was a sober alcoholic for 6 years).

If you are not sure about your condition, ask this to yourself: do you feel worse than you did originally? Normally, die-off is your symptoms worse than they were before. On the die-off, my headaches got much worse, my vulva pain was constant, and I felt like crap! With this strict diet, you should have already found out what you are sensitive to. I tried many diets, but I didn’t start to get better until I found out what my food sensitivities were.

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