Eating Healthier Yeast Free Diet After Getting Past the Cheating Stage

A friend of mine has to get past the “cheating stage”, but she has been already eating a lot healthier yeast free diet now. One thing that she has added to her dinner is a mixed green salad with fresh veggies. She usually adds fresh tomato, some kidney beans, garbanzo beans, shredded carrot, and sliced avocado. Because fresh garlic is supposed to be so healthy for us, she made a dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, and a pressed garlic clove. She now craves this salad, as it is so yummy. She has read that we can have avocado, so she adds a little for fat and for decadence.

She has also cut out coffee and drink lots of herb teas and water. She also has made another good healthy change and has cut out alcoholic drinks. She has read some good things about a supplement called Formula SF722 (do some research on the web) and have started that, too, along with taking a flax pill for omega 3′s (she is a vegetarian) and a garlic pill at night. She is already very sick of chronic vaginitis she has.

The diet is very challenging, but after a lot of research she hopes it will be worth it. Getting past the “cheating stage” is difficult, but after you have been on the diet for a while, and then go off, at least for me, I feel the effects of my cheating the next day! It is incentive enough to stay on the diet.

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