Eat Right for Your Type Diet Food Similar to Candida Diets

Someone did just dig out the Eat Right for Your Type diet book and ironically since she is type O, she found it funny and similar to the candida diet. She wants to know if I have been following it. She also noticed it said we should limit molds or mushrooms and vinegar. She guesses it is another example of no coincidences. She is confused since when she cut all sugar and most carbs on Atkins, the symptoms of itchiness came. She didnt think about the brain fog and occasional depression and overwhelm as part of that. She just chalked that off as the single mom frenzy.

When I first tried Atkins, I couldn’t lose weight and it messed with my hormones and my menstrual cycle was off. I am a blood type A anyway, and I have followed the program from Eat Right for Your Type and I couldn’t lose weight at all as written. I have to cut carbs way back compared to the typical A type diet. A really good book for people who want to lose weight is the Metabolic diet by Wolcott, it showed me that I really need to cut carbs to lose weight but not too much or I will get to agitated. So, basically I follow the food lists from the blood type diet and cut my carbs down to a minimum. By doing some other supplements, I have gotten my Candidiasis under control very well. Supposedly type O’s basically have a harder time with Candidiasis.

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