Ease the Burning, Itching, and Tearing Vaginally With Boric Acid

This friend of mine has been rotating candida antifungals and bought this stuff with the intention of adding it to her arsenal. It contains caprylic acid, pau d’arco, GSE, and tea tree oil. Within an hour of taking it, she started feeling nauseous. Usually, die-off with her makes her weak and tired, but never nauseous. She spent the next few hours throwing up. She did a little research online and found that tea tree oil is considered toxic and is not supposed to be taken orally! She wonders what gives here, and she is going to call Solaray tomorrow. She wants to know if I have experience with this product or taking tea tree oil orally. She just wants knowing if it is “just her” and her screwy body.

I also used to use tea tree oil on the vaginal area to help ease the burning, itching, and tearing that was happening down there last year. I used to also use the over the counter Monistat stuff, but it would just burn like hell! Really, the only thing that gets rid the pain and yeast infections down there is a powder called boric acid (don’t take that one orally). Boric acid is also used as an insecticide and rat poison! I know that sounds scary, but you just put some of the powder (you can buy it at your local pharmacy) into little empty gel capsules and insert one capsule twice a day for about a week. It works like a charm!

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