Dry Coconut and Herb Teas to Use in Candida Diet

A guy asked me as he cannot find information of dry coconut and herb teas for the candida diet. She is wondering if herb teas are okay. She knows peppermint teas were recommended in several Candida books, but what about other herb teas?

If some people live in Florida, or even in all West Indian shops in USA or Canada one can get dry coconut. This coconut is good when shaken and there is sound of water inside. Make sure you inspect the dry nut for any outside cracks, which is not good even if it has water inside. It can be cracked and dig with dull knife (unless you want to have 5 stitches on the fingers like me), grated, or sliced thinly and put into blender with warm water, and when strained.

That coconut milk is the greatest to cook with. If one is grating it, then she needs to add some warm water and strain. It can be frozen in small cubes and used as oil. One coconut can give you about 1 pint of coconut milk, depends on the size of the dry nut. I usually strain it and add little bit more warm water and get little bit more out of it.

As for the herbal teas, my holistic MD told me herbal teas are fine as long as there are no artificial things in there and nothing like honey, sugar, etc. I drink chamomile, green tea, and a few by celestial seasonings that are like mood mender and tension tamer.

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