Drinking Roasted Chicory Coffee for Extra Inulin

My friend was using Extra Virgin Olive oil mostly, but occasionally using canola or flax for her yeast infection. She will incorporate this info into her “arsenal”. By the way, she has been cooking up chicory greens for meals over the past few days. Her Italian great grandmother would be proud steam, and then lightly saute with Olive oil and garlic. She had it with salad, too. She dropped the coffee and has started drinking roasted chicory instead. She is trying to include as much natural inulin. If she doesnt see some improvements after 6 weeks or so, she will consider supplementation.

That is a good move since chicory coffee can contain as much as 3 grams of inulin per cup. Greens contain it, too. Only thing is that native inulin does have some natural sugar, about 6% and 2% short-chain FOS, so it can present a problem to diabetics, people with candida, bowel dysbiosis, IBD and IBS. But, it is the time-tried method, and in the long term it might well work. Bear in mind that candidiasis and diabetes are modern disorders, so resorting for a short while to purified sugar free inulin can present an advantage.

For the supplementation, Glutamic acid or betaine HCL can be had at any health food store or online. The enzymes usually come as a set, and they should be heavy on the lipase if you have no gall bladder. If you have bowel issues that may include leaky gut, I would go with the glutamic acid unless you get side effects from it; otherwise, the betaine is better.

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