Douching Solution for Vaginal Yeast Infections

In the past I have used 2 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to a quart of warm pure water, and douche with that mixture and the vaginal yeast infection will go a way. You can repeat it as needed, but I have found once was good enough.

My friend did one and although it didn’t go away, she felt some relief for about a half a day from the burning and itching. Hers get so bad that they are beyond just itch and go almost straight to pain. Her doctor gave her an estrogen cream to apply because she said that the skin there is so thin and sensitive from chronic infections that it needs that to heal. She hasn’t been using it because at this point she doesn’t trust the doctors. It is pretty scary, though, because it is hard to believe that all she has is yeast when her vaginal area looks so raw and has little cuts and the skin almost seems to peel. She was paranoid about it so the last she I went in and her doctor checked her for Herpes and something else. Nope, the doctor said it was just yeast.

She did one thing with the hydrogen peroxide solution I suggested that really helped. She was having the burning tongue again, so she gargled with the same solution twice a day for the last three days and it has helped a lot. It tastes icky after she spits it out, but rinsing helps with that.

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