Dont Rely On One Kind of Therapy Only

Dr. Saul has said it can take a long time with ozone to get the candidiasis since they are spore forming and facultative anaerobes. My friend who heard it wants to know what I have seen regarding this. She has very bad systemic candida and that was what set her up for lyme, so that even though she caught it early she could not take enough antibiotics at high enough doses to wipe out the infection. She could only take moderate/low doses of the antibiotics to exacerbate her candida for a month. She is hoping ozone will tackle both problems.

Well, I have a friend that has been an ozone therapist since 1997. Her roots are in nutrition first, then electromedicine second. Ozone therapy is actually both. I recommend Dr. Saul Pressman’s lifetime guaranteed ozone generator and his excellent steam sauna, both of which he has since improved. Ozone is probably out of many peoples’ price range. The thing is it is good for the whole family, and you don’t have to dick around much with less effective therapies. Many people who go with the ozone gear end up being evangelical about it and earning a little on the side by offering the steam sauna therapy. Vaginal insufflations are an excellent therapy for women, but the all-round favorite for effectiveness is the steam sauna.

Saul is right, though, for candida I wouldn’t rely on it alone. Do the probiotics, the inulin, the antioxidant therapy, the coconut oil, as well as nutritional support, vitamin B complex, minerals, and eat a lemon every day. That is a good start. It will get rid of the lyme more easily than the candida.

For years I suffered pain and embarrassment from repeatedly catching a yeast infection. However, I was fortunate that I discovered a very holistic way to cure candida by naturally eliminating the root cause associated with these irritating infections. Visit Cure Candida Project to learn how I treated my yeast infections and how you can to.

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