Does Low Carb Diet Giving Major Negative Result?

A woman has heard too many people tell they have gone on Atkins diet, no carb diet, or any other anti candida diet and have had major negative results. It is said by other Doctor that cutting out your carbs is a big no-no because it causes your body to lose minerals and nutrients that your body so desperately needs. Therefore, eating a low or no carb diet makes your body loses so many things it needs that you get severe cravings and tend to binge eat on high carb foods.

She believes if you want to watch your weight or diet, a much better diet would actually be something like the Subway diet. Your cutting out fat grams and calories and still getting nutrients your body needs now for people with severe candida problems you can eat homemade soups and such and still have the sugar free and yeast free diet and still have a low calorie diet. She takes her doctor’s advice and stay away from such things as the Atkins diet and other low or no carb diets out there.

If someone is experiencing cravings, it is from withdrawal, not the loss of nutrients and minerals. Bingeing is a learned behavior, not a result from a diet. There are emotional issues at play. If Induction is too much for a person coming from a high refined carb diet then they can go to the 2 phase and ease into the program. This is where common sense and learning about your body comes into play.

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