Doctors Without Knowledge of Candida Symptoms

A new friend got the check list of candida symptoms that said if you score over 90, you almost surely have a bad case. She scored 210 and was almost happy to call for a doctors appointment, showing that her symptoms are something other people also have and celebrated a bit too soon at the end of her miserable physical symptoms. The doctor looked at her mouth where she gets recurring thrush and said it looked wonderful but a bit bumpy. When she told him she was going to start the candida diet anyway, he smiled, shook his head and said ok if she wants to, but it is better to go to the dentist.

Feels the same way? I believe that kind of doctor seems very uninterested in your health. Remember, doctors see many patients everyday, and they do not learn about candida overgrowth and its many symptoms in medical school (I know a friend that went to medical school). I suggest sticking with the anti-candida diet and boosting things along with a good anti-fungal and probiotic. Also, eat lots of garlic and ginger root (great in salads). It is time for you to take control of your health. You may want to also find a more open-minded physician.

They don’t believe it because they don’t understand it and it wasn’t taught to them at school, so treat yourself before you go broke paying all there huge bills and for being treated with disdain and have all of your intelligence rejected. Get some books; The Yeast Connection for Women is good. Order Threelac and buy Complete Thymic Formula and Colostrum. Take a bunch of vitamins B’s sublingual and I am telling you after you get through die-off and change your diet, the fluid will come off of you and you will feel so much better you won’t want to eat all those sweets.

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