Diflucan for Clearing Candida Symptoms Will It Work?

A friend recently found out she has oral and vaginally thrush from candida symptoms. She had the symptoms for two months immediately following a 7 day prescription of Cipro for a urinary tract infection (her first ever). She has several blood tests done and her health is normal otherwise, so there is no underlying cause, just the Cipro depleting her body of the “good” bacteria. Anyhow, her doctor prescribed Diflucan for 7 days at 100mg. She has not started taking it because she wants to know as much as possible about Diflucan and thrush. She wonders if it is effective and if there is anything natural that works way to rid her body of the yeast.

Diflucan works for some folks, not for others. If it doesn’t, you will have lost valuable time. Diflucan, when taken for a long period, requires periodic blood tests for liver function impairment. There are other things to take that are safer, and medicine alone doesn’t take care of the problem, unfortunately.

You need to start with a good probiotic, now. And you will need to know about supplements and antifungals of the natural variety (they won’t mess you up like prescription stuff, and they do work). Suggest you read the archives for the wanted tag, as you will most likely find most of what you need to know there. There are many ways you can take to treat it, but never forget to control your diet, too. Just know that there is no quick and easy “good riddance” for candida.

Cure candida project website is a great resource for people who want a complete and natural cure for their candida albicans. They provide honest support to get you reach the dream you always wanted, a healthy life. You may also enjoy reading through the get rid of candida blog which can be found at Candida Home Treatment website.

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