Detox Program for Normal Daily Constipation

A woman has had candidiasis for years, besides she also has IBS, constipated daily, and she can go for weeks at a time without going if she does not use something, she went to the health food store and bought some Cleansesmart a detox. The box says that if she uses this, she should start going to the bathroom up to three times a day. She is also on Grapefruit seed extract, Pau dArco, Garlic, nystatin, and she is also taking acidophilus and just finished 2 cans of the Threelac. It didn’t do much for her though, and she is on the diet. Her main thing is if I know what she can do so she can go to the bathroom like a normal person, and if there is a better detox program.

If you find it similar with your problems, I have the same ones as you. Taking a detox is a really good idea as it really helps a lot! Make sure you follow a diet of no refined sugar (about 90% of a normal grocery store’s prepackaged goods) and whatever other guidelines that the detox suggests. I don’t think you will go to the bathroom 3 times a day as that is kind of excessive. As long as you go to the bathroom once a day or maybe every 2 days, it is much better than once a week (like I was) or longer! Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day!

If you really want to have a regular stool, you will need to buy some ground flax seed (kept in the fridge) and mix it with juice or a shake. 2-4 tablespoons a day is ideal. I notice if I miss taking the ground flax for a few days, I no longer have my daily morning stool. Also, pay close attention to your stool. It should not be floating, really dark in color, or have mucous coating it. Check your acidophilus (kept in fridge) to make sure it has a prebiotic in it as well. The acidophilus I take also has bifidus in it and 5 mills per capsule. That is a very high count, but it is also very expensive stuff. The normal I see is 2 mills.

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