Dealing With Parasites Before Candida Overgrowth

My friend has just diagnosed by her holistic MD about having parasites besides having candida overgrowth. She wonders if it is easier to kill parasites than candida. He put her on Parex by Metagenics and Okra Pepsin to help with digestion. She has a parasitic infection as well as Mercury Toxicity. She also has several allergies (wheat, corn, peanuts). She has read that individuals who have mercury toxicity should stay away from high sulfur foods and supplements (e.g. garlic, eggs, onions, MSM). The sulfur in these foods tends to mobilize mercury from our tissues and excacerbates symptoms. You may be able to add these foods to your diet once the mercury is cleared from your body.

If you have amalgam fillings, it is wise to remove amalgam fillings. Any other mercury that has deposited in your body can be removed with proper chelation therapy. First, however, she plans on getting rid of the parasite. The parasite and mercury combined probably has made your liver very week. Her MD told her to stay on Parex for a month. The last week of this treatment, she will take a very strong prescription medication for 5 days. So, basically, the Parex and Pepsin are helping to clean her colon so that the prescription medication will be more effective. After the parasite is removed, she will then take care of the mercury toxicity. She will most likely get her amalgam fillings removed and undergo chelation therapy. She hopes that after this, her liver will be strong enough for a series of liver flushes.

Your liver needs to be healthy as this may help with your ability to absorb foods. Stay on the Parex for a few weeks and then try a liver flush. However, you may want to ask your physician if he/she thinks this is a good idea. It may be wise to wait after you have begun getting rid of the mercury in your body. As for candida, it will never be cured as long as you are toxic with mercury. Candida overgrowth is a major symptom of mercury toxicity. So, I would focus on killing the parasite first, then getting rid of the mercury, and then doing a series of liver flushes. This should bring you back to normal.

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