Dairy Being Worse for People On Digestion Problem Like Candida

A person I just know needs help as she is not sure where to begin with the anti candida diet thing. She is a little afraid of the die-off thing and doesnt know if she has the energy to do this. She wonders what kind of diet most of us follow. She needs some assist on the food choice we are making.

You have to get on the diet; most of us with candida do it and takes time to figure out what works for you. Remember to also take tons of probiotics and other things. You can try colloidal silver as it seems to help me. Also, try some type of prebiotic along with your probiotic. There is so much that you can try it just takes time and trial and error. But, the diet is an important part.

A friend was on a modified type Atkins diet with no dairy, no cheese, probably more carbs (thru veggies) than allowed, but it seems to be working for her. This of course is an individual thing as some of us do Atkins totally without dairy and some use limited amounts. She uses small amounts (1-2 oz) of mozzarella cheese, cream cheese and heavy cream, and rotates them on a daily or every other day basis so she doesn’t get them every day. She also uses coconut milk instead of milk at times in various recipes. She knows there are “some” carbs in these, but she thinks this way of eating it is working for her. However, Chinese medicine says that dairy cannot be digested. When one has an overgrowth of candida which disturbs your digestion, I believe it is a good idea to avoid dairy.

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